Becoming a leading denim brand that passionately creates change for a better life; by leading innovation, making positive impact for stakeholders and sustaining the environment. 




Providing added value to denim industry, environment and people to make a positive impact for a better life, for a sustainable world. 




As Calik Denim, we are passionate to own the principles below. We implement them fully in our processes to lighten up our way. They are adopted by all our employees, representing our corporate essence, reflecting us from the eyes of our customers.

Denim Passion:
We acknowledge the significance of denim fabric in the textile sector. We passionately create positive change and impact in the denim world.
Leading Innovation:
We invest in leading innovations in denim industry; we develop innovative products to fulfill our customers’ needs, while promoting sustainability consciously. Our goal, as Calık Denim, is always to be “the first to come to mind” in the denim world.
Customer Centricity:
We focus on creating positive experiences for our customers, providing them added value. We consider customer needs as our main source of motivation. We provide excellent responses to customer needs through our diverse range of products, high quality standards in customer service and our effectiveness in time and cost management.
Commitment to Sustainability:
We act consciously to make a positive impact for a sustainable world. We declare and own our responsibilities towards humanity and towards the planet we live in. We prioritize sustainability in our business model and processes.
We believe in collaboration to create shared value for/with our stakeholders. We collaborate to fulfill our corporate and sustainability vision
Empowering Stakeholders: 
We see our employees, suppliers and customers as our fundamental building blocks, and we encourage them to express themselves and their ideas freely and openly. We provide “added value” for our employees through development activities and for our other stakeholders through original projects.
Transparency and Consistency:
We are honest, transparent and consistent in all our relationships and business processes.
Respect to Rights and Ideas:
We are a fair-minded company that recognizes and embraces the value in every idea, implements equality of opportunity, favors diversity and open communication at every level and respects ethical values.
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