LCA (Life Cycyle Assesment)

Life Cycle Assessment is an evaluation method which assesses the environmental impacts and resources consumed throughout a product’s/ service’s/process’ life cycle starting from raw material acquisition, via production and usage steps, till waste management according to ISO 14040/44 standards. All attributes or aspects of natural environment, human health and resources are considered by LCA which is a comprehensive evaluation method.


LCA creates many advantages such as:


• Measurement and management of environmental sustainability of products and production systems throughout several life cycle stages
• Identifying the significant environmental impacts of products at each stage of their life cycle
• Comparison of products’ sustainability at production and application of improvements
• Encouraging the demand for products with less negative environmental impact
• Optimization of procurement processes
• Providing confidence for stakeholders

Calik Denim always ensures the accuracy of related data it shares by getting verification for its Life Cycle Assessment studies from independent

These verified outcomes of Life Cycle Assessment studies are published as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) through the International EPD® System, recording the environmental effects of the product and making it available to all stakeholders.

The EPD is an independently verified document that provides transparent and comparable communication of the environmental impact occurs during the life cycle of the products.


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