Supply Chain Policy

As Calik Denim we take great pride in our role as one of the world’s leading denim suppliers. As part of our dedication to maintaining the highest ethical business practices, we only work with manufacturers and partners that share our commitment for social responsibility. It is our goal to be part of a solution that eliminates human slavery and trafficking in the supply chain industry.
To ensure that all our products are made under fair and safe conditions, our partners must meet, if not exceed, our own rigorous code of conduct. We prohibit the use of child or forced labor. We expect partners to comply with employment and human rights laws. And in the event that one of our sub-contractors, sub-suppliers or service providers fails to meet these high standards, appropriate and timely action will be taken.

To do our part in protecting workers and the environment, we conduct audits and trainings focusing on ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices to ensure that our high standards are maintained.



Independent Assurance Report

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